Per the ARC design standards, section 2, 2.3.11 "exterior lighting":

All exterior lights are subject to the approval of the ARC. Approval will be based on the visual impact of the lights on the Lot, neighboring Lots, Dwellings, roads and Open Space. Exterior lighting shall be subdued. Subdued lighting is  defined as light fixtures with low wattage lamps installed for the purpose of illuminating entrances, decks and driveways. Acceptable fixture types include fully recessed downlights, low voltage landscape lighting, step lighting or pathway lighting and wall bracket lights with a completely shielded light source. To preserve the dark skies, the upper portion of globe-type or similar fixtures shall be shielded so as to prevent excess light from escaping upwards.

No permanent exterior lighting of any sort shall be installed or maintained on any dwelling or other improvement on a Lot, the light source of which is visible from a neighboring Lot or Lots, roads or Open Space or “which lighting is not otherwise in conformity with” these Standards. Flood or spotlights are prohibited. Motion detectors when used should have a timer which automatically turns said lights off with in sixty seconds of end of motion. Outdoor lights should be on a timer or turned off when not in use