Tree Removal


Prior to having a Fire Mitigation Specialist visit your home or submitting an application, please contact the ARC and setup a one-on-one meeting.

Steps to Removing trees on your property:

The Genesee Foundation has a policy of encouraging voluntary Fire Mitigation on lots through the use of fire resistant building materials and the creation of defensible space with respect to vegetation surrounding dwellings.  If tree removal is proposed for Fire Mitigation purposes, a fire mitigation expert (names available from the Genesee Foundation office) must be utilized in a collaborative process with the ARC. 

Below are the basic steps you must take:

  1. Contact the Foundation office to get a list of recommended qualified Fire Mitigation professionals.

  2. At least 48 hours prior to professional’s site visit, notify the ARC by phone or email (names are listed on the Foundation website), so an ARC member can visit the property either before or at the same time as the professional to mark trees with blue flagging tape that the ARC would like to save.

  3. The fire mitigation expert will create a site plan indicating all trees to be removed and mark them with flagging tape.

  4. Take this plan along with the ARC Tree Removal form to the Foundation office.

  5. The Foundation will post your property for a period of five days to allow input from neighbors.

  6. The ARC will review the plan at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Permission must be obtained from the ARC for the removal of any living tree with a trunk diameter of greater than two (2) inches measured at a height of five (5) feet above grade.

Please review the Genesee Tree Removal Policy prior to starting your paperwork.

Application shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Tree Removal Policy

  • Trees to be removed on the Owner’s Lot and adjoining Open Space (up to one hundred (100) feet from the Dwelling on the Lot) must be marked by Owner with an orange ribbon during the posting period. Dead trees may be removed in accordance with the Genesee Tree Removal Policies and Procedures.

 Please also view more information here.

Approval by ARC does not constitute approval by the Genesee Foundation with respect to tree removal on Open Space.

Please reference section 2.2.3 Tree Removal and Fire Mitigation of the ARC Standards.