Gourmet Club

  • The purpose of the club is to provide a stimulating community social environment where we enjoy fine food, wine and conversation. The club intends to stretch your culinary skills a bit, and to enjoy the results of your labors with your neighbors who have done the same.
  • The club meets about seven times each year. A year generally runs from September of one year to late spring or early summer the following year.
  • Annual dues are collected at the beginning of each year. Dues cover general, non-food, non-reimbursable costs and may vary from year to year. Please check with the Gourmet Club leaders for the current year’s annual dues.
  • Individual dinners are generally held at private homes. Group events may be held at a private home or a public location.

Gourmet Club Guidelines

Karen & Keith Dierking (616-915-3271)

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