Address Signs

Resident have options when installed new address signs or replacing an old one.  Residents do not need to apply if they follow the below conditions or a resident may contact the Foundation and we will install the sign post for a fee.  Post regulations can be found here.

In the limited circumstances set forth below, no Genesee ARC approval is needed for one address number sign:

  1. An identification number showing the address of the Dwelling to which it is attached. The identification may be a metal sign matching Genesee street and private drive signs between four and eight inches in height. In the alternative, a set of individually attached reflective numbers in a contrasting neutral color consistent with the base color of the home and between four inches and eight inches in height may be used. In either case, the identification numbers or metal sign must otherwise meet Genesee Fire Department regulations, including being seen from roads or private drives. See Genesee Fire Department regulations.


  1. An address number sign not attached to the Dwelling under the following conditions:

  • The address number sign is placed on a wooden post substantially identical to the attached plans. The color and materials of the wooden post must be as shown on the attached plans. The height of the wooden post may not exceed that height shown on the attached plans.

  • If the Genesee Fire Department regulations require, there may be one complying sign on each side of the arm of the wooden post.

  • The sign and wooden post must meet other Genesee Fire Department regulations.

  • The sign must be metal and have a brown background with numbers in reflective white and match current street and private drive signs in Genesee. The Genesee Foundation administrative office can assist with information about where to order such signs.

  • The sign and wooden post must be placed in the area shown on the attached Sign Placement illustration.

  • The sign and wooden post must be placed solely on the Owner’s Lot.

  • Before the sign post may be erected, Colorado law requires the Owner to have underground utilities located. Please dial 811 to make an appointment for this free service.

  • The wooden post must be maintained in the future pursuant to the Declaration of Genesee, including, but not limited to keeping the wooden post upright and perpendicular to the ground.

If the Owner places a sign on his/her Lot in accordance with either alternative above, the Owner is agreeing to the conditions set forth above and need not obtain prior Genesee ARC approval.  However, within thirty days after complete, the Owner must provide notice of the installation of the sign and/or wooden post.  Notice may be provided by sending or delivering a written notice to the Foundation Office or e-mailing a notice to including the name of the Owner and the address of the property and describing what was installed.