Believe it or not, it’s often the simplest and most obvious precautions that homeowners tend to forget – and burglars tend to exploit. Maybe you’ve lived on the same street for decades and doubt “It” could ever happen to you. Maybe you’re in a rush and skip the usual routine. Whatever the situation, you should always lock your doors and windows when you go out. And keep close track of spare keys, where they are and/or who has them.

Residential Security Survey – What can you do to increase your home security?

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Genesee Patrol

Genesee Foundation has a contract with the Jefferson County Sheriff to provide security services. Off-duty officers in a Jefferson County Sheriff vehicle are in the community for 8-16 hours a day. They enforce traffic laws and can provide more immediate response to crime calls if they are already in the community. In addition, residents can request vacation checks on their residence for up to 52 days/year, or extra Genesee patrol coverage for observation or investigation of unusual or suspicious circumstances, activity, or behavior. Click on the links below for more information and forms

Click here for patrol statistics monthly reports, including time spent, hours driven, traffic stops, traffic citations, suspicious call investigation…

The Genesee Foundation Board of Directors has done several comprehensive surveys of the community on issues related to patrol services in Genesee. Click here to see these surveys and results.