Did you know that Vista Clubhouse showcases new artists?

The newest artist currently showing: Jam Wong
Jam was born in China and came to the US as a child of nine. Even so, his early childhood education in Chinese calligraphy contributes to his ease with the brush and his artistic expression.
A professional architect who has practiced in Denver for over forty years, Jam now devotes his time to the fine arts. He participates in juried exhibitions and his award winning works are in private and corporate art collections.
To Jam, painting is a continual learning process. He likes to explore the interplay of light, color, shape,mood and composition through the human form, still life or landscape. Each work of art communicates and interprets the perceptions and experiences shaping his view of the world.

Showing now thru August at Vista Clubhouse. Come see his work, it's beautiful!
Jam Wong / Wong Studio, 24174 Sumac Drive, Golden, CO 80401, 303-526-1934, wongstudio@yahoo.com