Fireworks Info

From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues. Here are some tips about fireworks this year in Jefferson County. We hope that everyone stays educated when it comes to firework use, and stays safe this weekend!

It is Unlawful

  • For anyone to possess or discharge any fireworks, other than permissible fireworks, anywhere in the state.
  • For anyone to sell fireworks unless that person is licensed as a retailer, wholesaler or exporter.
  • For anyone to knowingly provide or sell any fireworks to anyone under 16.
  • For anyone under 16 to purchase any fireworks, including permissible fireworks.
  • For anyone under 16 to possess and discharge permissible fireworks, unless that person is under adult supervision

What are Permissible Fireworks?

Cylindrical or cone fountains, wheels and ground spinners, illuminating torches and colored fire, dipped sticks and sparklers, toy propellant or toy smoke devices, trick noise makers and snake or glow worms are all permissible when a fire restriction or ban is not in effect.

What are Illegal Fireworks?

Any devices or components that, when used or ignited, project or disburse any metal, glass, or brittle plastic fragments. Cherry bombs, roman candles, firecrackers, bottle rockets, shells and rockets, M-80s and M-100s, and helicopters are all examples of illegal fireworks.

  • A good rule of thumb: anything that explodes or leaves the ground is most likely illegal in Colorado.

*Effective at 6:00 p.m. today, June 29, 2017, the Jefferson County Sheriff will implement temporary Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for portions of Jefferson County. The restrictions apply to the areas west of Highway 93, west of C-470, and south and west of the intersection of CO 121 (Wadsworth) and C-470 to the Platte River. These restrictions are being enacted due to current dry conditions favorable for the possibility of a wildfire, and limited availability of fire control resources. Please note the use of all fireworks are prohibited within the restricted area. Conditions will continue to be monitored and restrictions will be adjusted in the coming weeks as necessary.