"Charting the Future"

The Facilities Committee has engaged with Hord | Coplan | Macht (HCM) to assist the community in creating a vision for our recreational spaces and trails. Believing deeply in creating an in-depth, efficient, open and citizen-focused community process as part of this public project, we have planned two workshops to take us from vision to reality. The first community workshop was held on February 7th. About 130 residents participated, giving valuable input, thoughts, and opinions about the potential for our recreational sites and how to plan for the future of these valuable amenities.

The second planning workshop was held on April 17. Using the information provided by residents at the first community meeting, HCM presented several concept offerings for each of our three outdoor recreational spaces (Foothills, Solitude and Vista), as well as our Trails. Approximately 175 residents gathered to consider the specifics of each of the options. This process asked residents to work together to create and re-imagine spaces that embraced community gathering, recreation and play, and connections to nature, health, learning and education. 

HCM will now incorporate those suggestions, ideas, and changes into final design recommendations to be part of the Recreational Spaces Master Plan for our community. 

Documents from the two meetings may be accessed below, as well as the original proposal.

Keeping Genesee a living, evolving, adapting, forward-looking and caring body is a crucial message communicated through our mission: to protect and preserve while being forward thinking. Any vision for the future must account for an overall appreciation of nature: our mountain views, wildlife, trails and natural beauty. With a commitment to responsible stewardship of our open spaces, facilities, infrastructure and financial resources, the Board approved the selection of Hord | Coplan | Macht (HCM) to design a road map for the improvement, integration and development of our recreational sites and trails.