Plans to repair Foothills Pool are progressing. Our contractor, ASR Companies, has reviewed the construction drawings and provided an initial cost estimate to complete all the work that was proposed in the Pools Condition Report (Water Tech, Inc.) at $1.051M.

The range that Water Tech estimated was from $983K to $1.057M. This is a large project and we have been anticipating even higher costs in this Denver market. There are several areas such as concrete finish, tile, and shade structure type, just to name a few, that are being evaluated for more cost-effective options. ASR will seek cost savings by coordinating with the pool designer, HCM, to select lower cost design options and with a bid process that will help us secure contractors with good performance records and competitive costs.

Construction will start in mid-April. This will allow time for issuing construction documents to obtain the necessary permits and finalize agreements with the construction sub-contractors. We expect the project will take five months to complete. Swimmers will use our Vista Pool this summer. The Fitness Center will remain open, but parking will be a challenge and we will need everyone working together to get through this. We are creating a new page on the website where we will provide updates to the project. If you have any questions, please call one of the members of the Facilities Committee or our Community Manager, Suzy Barr.

Facilities Committee

The principal areas of scope include:
  • Remove/Replace Concrete Deck + Drainage System
  • Remove/Replace Skimmer System + Install Gutter System
  • Remove Plaster Finish in Lap Lanes + Replace with Tile
  • Install New Mechanical Room + Associated Utilities for Equipment + Chemical Storage
  • Install New Manhole and Connect New Floor Drains + Backwash Line
  • Install New High Efficiency Pool Heater
  • Install New LED Underwater Lights + Associated Conduits/Junction Boxes
  • Install New Deck Grab Rails
  • Remove/Replace Competition Equipment
  • Install New Recessed Stairs for Entry Including Stairs + Handrails
  • Install Expanded Concrete Deck

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is going to happen at Foothills?

Most of the work planned for Foothills involves repairs and replacements to the pool. The concrete deck around the pool will be removed, a new filtering system will be installed and much of the piping will be replaced. The mechanical equipment will be removed from the room under the stairs and placed in a new area that will be constructed on the side of the building.

+ When does the project begin?

The construction is slated to begin in mid-April.

+ Will the Foothills Clubhouse and Fitness Center still be open for residents to use? Will any area of the Clubhouse be off limits for residents during the renovation?

The Foothills Clubhouse and Fitness Center will be open for residents to use. Only those areas that lead to the pool will be off limits for residents.

+ If the Foothills parking lot is full where else can I park my vehicle?

You will be able to park your vehicle on the Foothills Drive shoulder providing all 4 tires are off the road. In addition the vehicle must be parked facing the same direction of traffic flow on that side of the road. If not, you may receive a ticket for an illegally parked vehicle.

+ Will the construction workers be using the parking lot?

We will ask that construction workers park on the road, but they may be forced to park in the parking lot if the shoulders are not available. When we see maximum capacity on a regular basis, we will encourage the workers to carpool from the Vista Lot or other areas.

+ Will the crews be inside the Clubhouse? Will be they allowed to use the showers and bathroom facilities? Will they be allowed to eat meals at the Clubhouse?

The crews will be in the Clubhouse and using it to mobilize their workforce and make plans for the day. Additionally, they will have offices upstairs. They are permitted to use the restrooms but not the showers. Workers may decide to take their lunch outside, on the deck or in their temporary offices. The construction crew is responsible for clean up each day.

+ What will the work hours of the project be? Will the crews be held to the same hours as a residential crews?

The construction hours will be the same as for residents, Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, No work will be done on Sundays and holidays.

+ Will the workers be allowed to play radios outside?

Yes, but they will be asked to keep the volume low, as with homeowner projects.

+ Will the large construction equipment that beeps when backing up be heard by adjacent neighbors when used?

Heavy duty construction and earth moving equipment that is used for projects such as ours must meet safety and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. The beeping that occurs is so that workers on foot are aware that a vehicle is changing direction and may potentially injure them. The law prohibits turning this signal off.

+ Where will swim practice and swim meets be held for the swim team while the pool is under construction?

Arrangements are being made for our team to practice and have meets at Mt. Vernon Country Club.

+ When is the project supposed to be completed?

The project is slated for completion in mid- to late September.

+ Will the pool be open for the season this year?

The pool will not be open for use at all this summer.