We welcome your photographic contributions to The Genescene. To help you get started here are the basics to submit photos:

Submission Deadline

Just like articles, photos should be submitted before the deadline which is 4pm on the 12th of the month prior to publication.

There are two ways to submit photos:

  1. Photos may be submitted from the “submit article” page when the photos are an integral part of an article.

  2. If the photos are a general contribution for reader interest or as a possible cover photo the “submit photos” page is the the right place.

Rules for photos:

  1. By submitting a photo you give your permission to the Genesee Foundation to use the photograph in official publications, the website and in The Genescene.

  2. Do not submit copyrighted images, especially those from the Internet, unless they are specifically designated as public domain. Include the URL in the caption for Internet images.

  3. As the photographer make sure the people in the image do not object to publishing the photograph. Also, if those people are minors make sure the parents to not object either (this is the photographers responsibility, not the editors).

  4. Pictures with over 8 recognizable persons do not require a list of names. However, if the photo has 8 or fewer recognizable persons the names should be listed and will appear in the photo caption.

  5. Photos must have sufficient resolution for printing. Both the final size and pixels per inch (ppi) are important. 300 ppi is the minimum. If the longest side of an image is four inches on the printed page then that dimension requires 1200 pixels. This becomes very important for an 8.5 x 11 inch cover which requires 2550 x 3300 pixels. A cropped image enlarged to print as a cover will often not have enough pixels for a clear picture. If you are not sure about the size of your image this website will measure it: https://imageresize.org/

  6. Cover photos must be in a vertical orientation.

  7. Submit your photos in the jpg format (compressed) since file sizes over 20MB can not be submitted with our Internet software.

How do I submit photos?

  1. Visit the “Photo Submission” page on the Foundation website.

  2. Fill in the blanks for name, address, phone number and email address.

  3. The page allows seven images to be uploaded. Enter a caption for each which includes the names of recognizable people as needed.

  4. Click the “submit image” button for each.

  5. At the bottom sign your name (meaning you agree to the terms listed in the section above).

  6. Add any comments that would help the editors place your picture.

  7. Finally, click “Submit Form” that sends your images to the Foundation.

  8. The system should display the message that the photo was received successfully. If you don’t see that confirmation message your photos were not received and you should contact the Foundation office for help.

What we do with your photos:

Staff decide what photos fit the need for a given issue. Sadly, not all photos can be printed. The budget for The Genescene is limited and photos take up quite a bit of space. When the issue of the The Genescene arrives in your mailbox you can see what images were selected. We do print the photographer’s name in association with published pictures. You may find some images are resized or cropped.