Photo Submission Guidelines

For consideration for web, print & media sources for use by the Genesee Foundation. Signed copyright release must be completed for all images, found below. Photographs must be in JPEG or PNG, with a minimum resolution of 300ppi, via email, flash drive, or cloud share link. All photographs should be submitted to, with permission to use in print and media. All photo submissions will be reviewed on a case by case basis for publication. Photographs of recognizable individuals taken outside of Foundation facilities, require a signed release, kept on file at the Foundation office.

  • Upload photos at Genesee Foundation website
  • Include name of photographer, date of photo, email of photographer, photo caption, title of article associated with photo (if applicable)
  • List names of identifiable individuals (up to eight) in comments section
  • Submit in .jpg, .png. or .gif with a resolution of at least 300 ppi