Not needing approval:

Please see below the following projects that don't need approval/submittal.

  • Invisible dog runs require a diagram or plan of placement.
  • Moveable planter boxes and plantings in such boxes.
  • Hanging flower pots.
  • Outdoor furniture, grills and free standing hammocks.
  • Moveable wall art or yard ornaments not visible from other Lots, trails on Open Space or roadways.
  • The planting of flowers, shrubs or other plants in previously approved areas provided the plants do not exceed six feet in height at maturity.
  • Plantings in one area per lot not to exceed 300 square feet which has not previously been approved by the ARC. Notice of said additional area shall be submitted for file documentation purposes within 10 days after planting such an area. Said areas shall not include a hedge or other plantings which serve as a hedge and shall not include plants which exceed six feet in height at maturity. Replacement of a dead tree with an identical species tree of the same or shorter height. The removal of dead trees is still subject to the Genesee Tree Removal Policies and Procedures.
  • Satellite dishes not exceeding one (1) meter in diameter. (See Section 2.5.4.)
  • Sealcoating of asphalt driveways.
  • The placement of temporary roll offs, sanitary facilities or storage facilities on the driveway of an existing Dwelling which is expected to be removed within sixty (60) days.
  • Seasonal and holiday decorations, subject to the rules of the Genesee Foundation.
  • Roof repairs covering 10% or less of the surface of the roof and using identical material to that which was previously approved by the ARC.
  • Repainting a Dwelling the same color and materials.
  • Installing an invisible dog fence at least ten feet from the property line. Any disturbed ground must be regraded and re-seeded with Genesee grass mix.Any other landscaping or other Improvement must be submitted in advance  to the ARC for review.