Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association’s website has good general, and Colorado-specific, information as well as information about various catastrophic events (e.g. hail, wildfire, flood, mudslides, etc). It is very important, when making a claim, that you can document the items of value lost in a catastrophic event. There are now some apps from iTunes and Android for creating a home inventory.

Wildfires are a particular safety and insurance concern in Genesee, a community built in the wild land-urban interface, and located in a high fire danger area (red zone).  Many homeowner insurance companies are responding to the wildfire threat by asking customers to share the risk by mitigating fire hazards on their property, see HERE. The Colorado Division of Insurance also has Colorado-specific tips on insurance and wildfire. Homeowners may receive notice HERE.

Along with wildfire mitigation, insurance companies also consider other factors such as the type of construction and materials of your home, and the distance to a fire hydrant or fire station. Read your policy and talk to your agent to make sure you have the proper coverage for your property in the event of a fire or other catastrophe. Talk to your agent before deciding on additional fire safety measures. Knowing which types of insurance discounts are available will help you get the most fire protection for your money.