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History Hike & Drive

The lands within and around Genesee hold historical artifacts that provide intriguing glimpses of a colorful past.  Thirty-two sites have been marked on these tours, 16 along the walks and 16 along the drive. There are two walking tours: a two-hour hike (section A) and a one-hour hike (section B).  All sites are accessible on open space (no private property access) and/or by walking along Genesee roads.  The driving tour takes a minimum of 45 minutes but more time is recommended to read the signage at each location and explore the sites.      

For the driving tour, we suggest touring sitesC21, C22, C30, C31, C32 then going up Genesee Mountain Road to the Denver Parks sign on the left - Genesee Drive.  Continuing up that road takes you to the top of Genesee Mountain and the DAR memorial; nice view from the top. Take the road down the mountain to sites C29, C27, and C28. Get back on the I-70 E and take the next exit, Genesee Park 254.  Go across the freeway bridge and turn right on to US 40. More of C28 is visible (buffalo herd), then proceed to sites C25, C26, C24, C23 and return to Genesee over I-70/256 exit bridge.

Site Descriptions

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