The Genesee Foundation Board of Directors have adopted guidlines to help them serve the Community.

Board positions are, ultimately, a pro bono commitment of service by community volunteers to the Genesee Foundation community members.

The Genesee community board should oversee and approve the Genesee Foundation’s:

  1. Mission, values, and vision.

    • The mission (or purpose) of a community organization is its long-term (10-20 years), essential reason for existing.

    • The values are the important, lasting beliefs and ideals intended to guide community behavior, especially the behavior of its leaders.

    • The vision is a clear, compelling description of what success looks like for the community in the medium-term future.

  2. Long-Range Plan. The Long-Range Plan contains the board’s major initiatives for achieving its overarching financial and non-financial goals for the foreseeable future.

  3. Execution of the strategy. The board should track how successful the board is in achieving its overarching financial and non-financial goals.

  4. Financial plans. The board should approve and monitor the community’s financial statements including the detailed budgets and the actual results versus the budgets in the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows, as well as the reserve fund investment and banking practices of the Foundation.

  5. Major expense and capital expenditures. The board should set the limits on operational and capital expenditures beyond which board approval must be secured before expenditures are made by the staff.

  6. Legal actions. The board should review and approve in advance all significant actions which may have legal ramifications.

  7. Risk policies. The board should review and approve all actions in advance that may involve significant risk to the tangible or intangible assets of the community.

  8. Board committees. The board should create all standing and special committees and review and approve their written charters, members, and progress.