To ensure ecosystem health, human safety, home values, and aesthetics while maintaining fiscal responsibility by performing tasks in a cost effective manner.

The GEM committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Oxley Homestead, 8-9:30am. GEM is a standing committee of the Genesee Board of Directors. GEM works closely with the Genesee Open Space Manager to: advise the board on open space and ecosystem management issues, develop and execute the board-approved open space management plan, encourage residents to enjoy the open space and participate in its care, see the Trail Guide, assist residents to extend healthy ecosystem management practices seamlessly to their own properties. Please send correspondence to

Committee Members:

Linda Colville (Chair), Gary Rauchenecker (Board liaison), Tom Harris, Frank Davies, Carey Emerson, Ken Kucera, Andrew Stirrat, Karen Dierking, Joyce Russell & Ed Byrne