You've been told to evacuate- things to do to prepare your house

  • IF YOU HAVE TIME when advised to evacuate:
  • Shut off natural gas and propane.
  • Place metal (not wooden) ladders against the side of your house to help firefighters defend your home.
  • Remove combustibles (patio furniture, firewood, etc.) within 30 feet of your home.
  • Put on any protective clothing and gear you are not already wearing (heavy shoes/boots, and clothing with natural fibers - not synthetics).
  • Close windows and doors to the house to prevent sparks and embers from blowing inside.
  • Close all doors inside the house to prevent draft.
  • Close or cover outside attic, eaves, basement vents and chimney flues.
  • Disconnect automatic garage door openers and leave garage windows and doors unlocked.
  • Take down drapes and curtains, and close all blinds and shutters to deflect heat.
  • Move overstuffed furniture away from windows and glass doors.
  • Leave exterior and interior lights on to offer visibility to responders.
  • Fill all bathtubs, sinks and other containers with water to deflect heat.
  • Do NOT leave sprinklers running.

In the event of a Level 3 Evacuation, you should leave immediately.  Do not take the time to prepare your home.