Fire Protection

Keeping your home safe (not wildfire related)

Genesee Fire Rescue offers Safe at Home, a free home safety evaluation. Call the department at 303-526-1230 to schedule a visit.

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Wildfire risk reduction:

Genesee is located in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), by definition a high hazard fire environment. There are steps that can be taken before a wildfire occurs that improve the survivability of people and homes. Learn about considerations for residents living with the risk of wildfire. Studies show that firebrands and embers from wildfires ignite most structures, not the main fire front.  Little things and details can determine if your home survives a wildfire – or not.  There are a number of steps you can take today to help protect your home and give firefighters the best chance of defending it in the event of wildfire.  Below are links to a variety of resources and checklists that will describe how to create defensible space around your home, and information on resources specific to Genesee.

* Defensible space is sometimes a requirement for getting or maintaining homeowners insurance in Genesee.  Note: homeowners may receive notice from their insurer that all trees within 30 feet of the home must be removed.  Defensible space does not mean clear cutting (see below for before and after pictures of defensible space around Genesee homes).  Creating defensible space consistent with the Colorado State Forest Service guidelines, as described in this link, should satisfy the insurer.  You will need a certified defensible space consultant to evaluate your property.  Genesee Foundation often has cost-share grant money for creating defensible space around homes in Genesee.