The Fire & Safety committee will operate as a standing committee of the Genesee Foundation Board of Directors (BOD). Its purpose is to ready the Genesee community for any emergency by fostering a community of engaged and informed residents. GF&SC will focus on strategies to encourage residents and the Foundation to prepare homes, open space, and infrastructure to
protect or facilitate the response of the community from risks associated with disasters both natural and man-made.

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As a Firewise Community for fifteen years, the Genesee Foundation has consistently shown its commitment to helping its residents live successfully with wildfire through mitigation and preparation.  The GFSC supports the broader goal of engaging its homeowners in the task of reducing wildfire risk in the wildland urban interface.

Our Team

Beth Moran, Chair/   

Nancy Balter,        

Mark Brodie,               

Chris Garlasco,

Ed Byrne,        

Mark Colville,        

Laurie DiBattista, 

Charles Eggleton,

Tom Harris, Board Liaison,

Joe Nystrom,   

Robert Elliott, Staff Advisor,