The Facilities Committee operates as a standing committee of the Board of Directors. Its purpose is to evaluate, oversee, and coordinate the repair and replacement of the Genesee Foundation's facilities and advise the Board on facility issues. It also serves as a resource to the Community Manager on facility matters.

Committee Members: Chris Garlasco (Board Liaison), Jim Andrews and Suzy Barr(Staff Liaisons), Wally Terhune, Ted Hagan, Beth Moran, Jim Bedwell, & Denise Orin.

Please contact facilities@geneseefoundation.org for more information


The Fitness Subcommittee of the Facilities Committee serves as a voice and sounding board to the Genesee residents who utilize the Fitness Center at Foothills Clubhouse. The subcommittee will periodically obtain feedback from the Genesee community in order to gain valuable input from users and recommend improvements to the Facilities Committee for approval by the Board of Directors.

Sub-committee Members: Yogi True- chair, Bob Stokes, Ginny Biddle, Mike Richards, Chip Starick, Pamela Byrne, Chris Garlasco, and Jerry Hintz.

*Send requests or comments for the Fitness Subcommittee to - fitness@geneseefoundation.org