1. Submit SUBMITTAL FORM to the Genesee Foundation Office, including appropriate Check-List(s) and required and optional forms.  Any submission not containing all required materials will be returned to Owners for completion and shall be deemed rejected by the ARC.
  2. ARC will take action on your completed submittal at a regular meeting within 30 days after submittal. 
  3. When project is complete, submit OWNER’S NOTICE OF COMPLETION FORM to the Genesee Foundation Office. This may be submitted on-line at Improvements must be completed within nine months after ARC approval, unless an extension is granted by the ARC.
  4. Owners and Contractors will not disturb, damage or trespass on other Lots or on Open Space. No access through open space is permitted. Contractors must comply with Contractor rules.

No improvements or changes to a Lot shall be made unless approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee.” (Declaration, VI.1.b .) Please do not enter into any contracts, schedule work or expend money in advance of your project until you have written approval from the ARC. Submission of ARC form(s) constitutes permission for ARC to access Owners’ property from date of submission until Owners’ Notice of Completion is approved by the ARC. Commencement of construction is acceptance of conditions of approval. Owner acknowledges Genesee Foundation has the authority to stop any work in violation of the procedures set forth in the Governing Documents, to stop any work not in compliance with the ARC approval and to require correction and/or removal of any non-complying work at Owners’ expense.