Update on our Pools Evaluation by Water Tech, Inc.

Water Tech Inc. has completed the assessment of our pools and the Pools Conditions Report is finalized and available for review.  Photos demonstrating some of the existing problems help highlight the conclusions that are reached about the need for repair or replacement of key pool equipment.  A 2nd Community Meeting was held for all interested Genesee residents on on January 17th to hear more details from our consultant on questions raised at the first meeting.  Conceptual designs and cost information was discussed. The next step in our process is to seek bids for repairs to the Foothills pool.  This may be a multi-step process as we develop the construction drawings with pool repairs and specifications for design, and then the construction bids.  If you want more information, feel free to contact any member of the Facilities Committee.

Chris Garlasco (303.526.7450)