Vista Community Center

Vista is the heart of Genesee, serving the community as a social hub and gathering place. It commands a spectacular view of Mt. Evans and Vista Meadows and hosts, along with Oxley Homestead and The Meadow, activities that bring together all ages within the community. Vista is the showcase for all that Genesee has to off er to its residents, our guests, and prospective homeowners.

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Oxley Homestead

Oxley occupies a special niche in Genesee as the central historic homestead of the area. Adjacent to Vista Clubhouse, its architectural character, intimate scale, and historic signifi cance make it a strong counterpart to the larger Vista site. Oxley provides a quiet respite from the activity of Vista, allowing for contemplation of historic and other educational displays and reference material as well as providing a venue for smaller scale, more intimate community activities.

Solitude Recreation Area

Solitude Recreation Area … Rebrand as Montane Recreation Area Montane Recreation Area is synonymous with action – where all ages can fi nd challenge and adventure. From traditional court and lawn games, to exciting contemporary activities, Montane Recreation Area off ers new experiences, skills development, and opportunities for group play.


Foothills Fitness & Aquatics Center

Foothills is Genesee’s own state-of-the-art fitness and aquatic activities center. Its fitness area and outdoor lap pool off er residents a full array of training and exercise facilities in an attractive clubhouse setting. As the home of Genesee’s youth swim team, the Foothills Aquatics Center hosts summer swim meets with neighboring communities. Whether pumping free weights, working out with machines, or swimming laps, Foothills provides a full set of opportunities for “Pain and Gain”!

The Genesee Trail System

The Genesee Trail System spans the community’s 1200 acres of open space with a variety of trails, from short neighborhood walks to longer segments where one feels very much in touch with nature. The system is a set of inter-connecting loops, with spectacular views and secluded forested passages that off er an alternative to roadside walking. Accessible from many points in the community, the Genesee Trail System is connected to, and served by, the three community centers – Vista, Foothills, and Montane.

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