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Slash Pickup/Chipping Week

The purpose of this chipping project is to aid residents with routine fire mitigation maintenance. If you miss the slash pickup, remember that you can always put slash out for Alpine’s weekly garbage pickup.

To have slash and trees picked up and chipped, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Slash must be placed at the end of your driveway no later than 8:00am on Monday morning the week of pickup. The slash must be bundled, it must not exceed four feet in length and be should be able to be lifted by one person.

  • Trees, tree branches or trunks must be less than 12 inches in diameter, the piles must be neatly stacked and the cut ends need to face the road.

  • No construction debris, no root balls, no metal objects, no bushes or garden pots or landscape material.

  • Be sure to have your slash out on time because once the chipper goes by your house, they won’t return. If you feel you were missed, please call 303-526-0284 immediately so I can stop by and see what happened.

Here are some Defensible Space Annual Tasks you should be doing:

  • Clear roof, deck (including the area under your deck) and gutters of pine needles and other debris.

  • Mow grass and weeds in your defensible space to a height of 6 inches or less.

  • Rake all pine needles and other flammable debris away from the foundation of your home and deck.

  • Remove trash and debris accumulations from your defensible space.

  • Check fire extinguishers to ensure they are not expired and are in good working condition.

  • Check chimney screens to make sure they are in place and in good condition.

  • Remove branches that overhang the roof and chimney.

  • Dispose of slash from tree and shrub thinning.

  • Be sure firewood is stored at least 30 feet away and uphill from your house.

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