Service Contacts

Genesee residents have access to comprehensive community services. All utilities are buried, fencing is highly restricted, and open space and views are respected and protected. Genesee is in unincorporated Jefferson County and is served by the Jefferson County school district and library district.

Note: All contact phone numbers listed below are for non-emergencies only. 

Sanitation & Disposal

Alpine Waste & Recycling provides trash removal and recycling services to the Genesee Foundation. The cost is covered in the residents monthly HOA fee.  Call Alpine Waste & Recycling at: 303-744-9881

Trash pickup is every Thursday and Friday, and recycle pickup is every other week. Dates are moved back one day in the event of a holiday. The trash and recycling schedule can be viewed on the Community Calendar. Complete pick-up schedules are provided below:

2017 Alpine Automated Sustainability Report

2017 Trash and Recycle Calendar

* A list of hard to recycle items and a list of resources you might use to dispose of certain items, e.g., motor oil or batteries, is provided below:

Recycling Information


Electricity and natural gas are provided by Xcel EnergyGenesee is served by CenturyLink, Comcast, and other telecommunications providers.

Contact: Electric Emergency/Power Outage:  1-800-895-1999

View CenturyLink services - Technical support: 1-877-348-9007

View Comcast services - Technical support: 1-800-266-2278

Reliable and safe water and sewer services are provided to Genesee residents by the Genesee Water and Sanitation District. In addition to the water and sewage treatment plants and the network of pipes and pumping stations, the district has a 101 acre-foot reservoir on Bear Creek.

Contact: 303-278-9780

Road maintenance

Genesee has a network of Jefferson County roads and Foundation private drives, which are maintained by their respective entity. During snowy months, county roads are kept plowed and sanded, with priority given to the roads which directly connect to I-70. Genesee private drives are plowed after every 3 inches of snow.

Contact: Genesee Foundation Snow Central - 303-526-0284

View Jefferson County Road and Bridge Department website.

Emergency Services

Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District is the pre-hospital emergency medical services provider for the Genesee and Lookout Mountain areas.  Serving approximately 12,000 residents and the 80,000 or so that transit the District each day, Highland Rescue Team uses 3 ambulances and is staffed by 17 paramedics, 35 EMTs, and 6 First Responders, 90% of whom are volunteers.  The District ensures that advanced life support services are always available to meet the medical and trauma needs of residents and visitors.

Business-only contact: 303-526-9571

Genesee Fire & Rescue- Genesee residents are protected and served by Genesee Fire and Rescue, a Colorado Special District, which is governed by an elected board of the Genesee Fire District Protection. Founded in 1973, Genesee Fire and Rescue provides fire protection and basic medical support 24 hours day, 7 days a week. The department has 40 volunteer members and two paid full-time fire fighters who are also responsible for the administrative functions of the organization. The fire station is located within the boundaries of the Genesee Foundation at 23455 Currant Drive. 

Business-only Number: 303-526-1230