Open Space News

Pine Needle Pickup
Mon–Fri, June 17–21

  • Unlimited pine needle bag collection is scheduled to take place on June 17–21.

  • Bags must be placed at the end of your driveway by 8am Monday June 17.

  • During the pine needle event you may leave as many bags as you wish at the end of your driveway and they will be collected and disposed of (slash/trash is not included).

  • As for now, you can call Alpine to collect extra bags at a rate of $2 per bag. Alpine will take up to five bags of needles per week in Genesee’s weekly trash collection service. Once the spring efforts are complete, and we know our remaining budget, we will publicize a fall pine needle collection opportunity if the budget allows.

Noxious Weed Spraying Notice

Noxious weed spraying along Genesee roads and Open Space will occur June 3 through June 14. Genesee works to control its noxious weed populations to prevent them from overrunning our native plants and to meet the state’s mandatory weed control laws. Please call the Open Space Manager if you have any questions.

Wildfire Mitigation Tax Subtraction

Individuals, estates and trusts may claim a subtraction on their Colorado income tax return for certain costs incurred in performing wildfire mitigation measures on their property in a wildland-urban interface area within Colorado. The subtraction is equal to either 50% or 100% (depending on the tax year) of the qualifying costs for performing wildfire mitigation measures. The total subtraction a taxpayer can claim per tax year is limited to $2,500. For more information see the document on our website that goes over this in detail.

Robert Elliott | Open Space Manager

Genesee Foundation