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The Resident Directory has been a valued staple in our community, yet it continues to present a number of ongoing challenges. Over the past several years we have received a variety of feedback from you with respect to the layout of the directory, the difficulty of opting in or out each and every year, having incorrect information that cannot be updated for a full year, having our new residents not immediately represented, etc. In addition, printing the directory is an expensive endeavor, costing the Foundation about $3,000 per year.

We realize that a good directory needs to be both dynamic and accurate. To that end, we have found a solution that ensures that all residents can easily access the information they seek, as well as have the opportunity to add, update or even delete your own information at any time, ensuring a better experience while greatly reducing our costs.

We are happy to announce we have selected DirectorySpot, a company dedicated to providing directory services to homeowner groups, schools, churches and small businesses, to host our new electronic directory. DirectorySpot can be easily accessed on the web or via their dedicated Android and Apple phone apps.

DirectorySpot allows you to update your contact information, add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, faxes, etc. and even add a picture should you wish. Finding the information you are looking for will be quick and simple. You can access information by searching by first or last name, by groups such as “Street,” “Emergency” and “Genesee Foundation,” making who and what you are looking for instantly available. DirectorySpot also allows the Foundation to contact specific groups, such as everyone on a specific street, to update them on any urgent information such as delayed trash schedules. For those who still wish a paper copy of the directory, it can be downloaded as a PDF from the DirectorySpot website organized either by Contact or by Group. For anyone who does not have easy access to the DirectorySpot website or app, the office staff will be happy to print a copy for you.

Everyone registered for the 2019 Directory will be receiving an email from DirectorySpot. That email will contain your User Name (your email) and a link to set your password. You must have an email to access the application, but it’s not necessary to have an email that is visible to other residents.

If you are not currently listed in the 2019 directory, not to worry! Feel free call the office (303-526-0284) with your updated information or come in and visit with us so we can update your information or print the most up-to-date version of the directory for you.

As with all instances when we change a process, we value your comments and look forward to hearing from you once you start using DirectorySpot.

Suzy Barr | Community Manager

303-526-0284 |

Genesee Foundation