Genesee Open Space Update: Weed Mitigation and Tree Inventory

For the second half of the summer the Open Space team has focused on weed mitigation and tree inventory. Our weed mitigation usually starts right after the 4th of July and takes two to three weeks. You probably saw the crews out early in the morning riding around on our ATV to maximize efficiency and beat the heat. The weeds that we  focus on are myrtle spurge, dalmatian toadflax, diffuse knapweed, wooly mullein, Canada thistle, musk thistle and others.

The tree inventory is moving along quite well, and we should be able to finish before our  seasonal employees are done for the summer. Each plot typically takes around 15-20 minutes depending on the total number of trees, terrain and accessibility. We have a total of 415 points to check for this inventory. Please refer to the July issue of The Genescene for more information.

The seasonal crew for Open Space and Maintenance includes Luke Downie, Andrew Case, Hope Athanasakos and Ehric Seibert. These talented young men and women have been working to improve trails, remove trees, spray noxious weeds, clean clubhouses and just about anything that is asked of them. I want to wish them all the best with their future endeavors and it’s my hope some of them will return for 2019.

Genesee Foundation