The Communications Committee operates as a standing committee of the Genesee Board of Directors. Its purpose is to ensure communication effectiveness and efficiency within the community. The three primary communication channels used by the Committee are: The Genescene (a monthly newsletter), community-wide email messages, and the Foundation's website. Any questions, please send to 

Committee Members: 

Ken Farber (Co-Chair), Chuck Adams (Co-Chair), Susan Wajda (Genescene Senior Editor), Joyce Russell, Chris Garlasco (Board Liason), Ron Guthrie, Beth Moran, Kirstin Thomas, Carly Dzibula, Mike Glode, Mike Nowotarski, Jane Gray (Editor), Pat Hoeft (Editor), Ralph Beckett (Editor), Stephanie Cottrell (editor) & Suzy Barr (Staff Liasion/

Communication Policies

Genescene Sub Committee

The Genescene sub committee consists of four editors and one senior editor. They are responsible for the editing of the publication content for issues of The Genescene. They meet once a month to review all submissions. Residents are always encouraged to be a part of community meetings. If you'd like to take part, check the calendar for scheduled meetings.

Senior Editor- Susan Wajda
Editors- Joyce Russell, Jane Gray, Pat Hoeft, Stephanie Cottrell and Ralph Beckett

For any additional questions or concerns contact