The Genesee Foundation is managed by an elected Board of Directors. Terms are two years in length and residents are encouraged to get involved, run for various offices and to participate on committees. Elections are held annually in November.

The Board of Directors is committed to holding itself accountable to the Foundation's Vision, Mission, and Core Values: Vision: There is only one Genesee. We are truly unique, a multi-generational community in a unique urban mountain environment. No other community combines our architectural and natural appeal, our physical location, our natural and infrastructure assets, our views and our water management. 

Mission: Our mission is to protect and preserve the best of the past while improving the rest for future growth. It is this combination of maintaining our uniqueness while being forward thinking that will prevent stagnation and improve property values for all of Genesee. 

Core Values: Our core values are what we as a community stand for and where we choose to invest our time, money, and energy: Appreciation of the natural environment, responsible stewardship of assets, community spirit, and environmental management.

The Board has pledged to embrace this vision in every decision it makes. Are we protecting and preserving? Is this decision forward thinking? Are we good stewards of our assets? Does this decision foster a vibrant sense of community? There is no question that there is a delicate balance between being forward thinking and protecting and preserving. At times one will edge out the other in our decisions, but neither should be completely over-shadowed by the other. The community has firmly expressed that a balance is essential to our future. The bedrock of all that happens in Genesee is the "who" - our committees, work groups, Board, social groups - all of us who must hold ourselves accountable to this mission in every decision we make.

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Committee Members

Chris Garlasco- President, Ken Farber- Vice President, Bill Deeley- Treasurer, Wally Terhune- Secretary, Phil Churilla- Director, Gary Rauchenecker- Director, Krista Prescott- Director.