Starting January 2019, assessments will be $600 per quarter per lot.

To set up ACH (electronic payments), you will need to complete this paperwork here. Your assessment letter/statement will have the information needed to create a resident account in CiraNet. CiraNet is the new resident portal software for residents, separate from this website. This unique service enables residents and homeowners to better manage their affairs with their community association through a secure, intuitive, web-based reporting portal with up-to-date access to pertinent community information such as:

  • Contact information updates

  • Directory publishing preferences

  • Electronic document archive

  • Online payments

  • Owner statements and payment history

  • Assessment rules information

  • Deed restriction summary

  • Deed restriction violation reporting

  • Board member directory

  • Resident directory

*Our banking partner, Mutual of Omaha Bank, charges a $14.95 fee to process a debit or credit card. This fee is charged by and paid to Mutual of Omaha Bank for processing costs and Genesee has no affiliations or collects these fees. It is FREE to pay by echeck, check or ACH.*

Assessment Drop Box Address:

PO Box 98026
Phoenix, AZ 85038-8026
United States

*If you are having difficulties setting up your resident account, please call 1-855-877-2472 for step by step instructions*